• My Journey to Head of Business Analysis at Godel

    Dmitri Maklakov is Head of Business Analysis at Godel. We recently sat down with Dmitri to talk about his interesting journey to Head of BA, the division’s plans over the next 12 months, and to get to know him a little better.

    By Dmitri Maklakov, Head of Business Analysis

    11 June

  • Azure Functions to the Rescue.

    Pavel Haletski is a Senior Software Engineer at Godel, specialising in Microsoft technologies and cloud computing. He recently ran a webinar for the Godel team about the value of serverless computing in Azure, and specifically Azure Functions – what they are, the challenges they solve and how to use them. He also ran a discussion, […]

    By Pavel Haletski, Senior Software Engineer (.NET)

    3 June

  • My Plans for Scaling Data at Godel

    Siarhei Oshyn was recently appointed as Godel’s new Head of Data, having previously worked within the Data division as Lead Software Engineer. We sat down with Siarhei to discuss the journey that led to his exciting opportunity and what he hopes to achieve in his new role.

    By Siarhei Oshyn, Head of Data

    1 June

  • DevOps & Distributed Teams – How Godel’s DevOps Division Works Remotely

    Sergey, you’re heading up one of Godel’s core technology departments. Can you tell us more about what the DevOps division is responsible for? Our division is now at around 35 people, working across more than 10 Godel clients. Our DevOps engineers form part of larger software engineering teams that work with our clients, but they’re […]

    By Sergey Sverchkov, Head of DevOps

    4 May

  • (Whitepaper) 8 Challenges of Building High Performing Software Engineering Teams

    You can read the whitepaper, 8 Challenges of Building High Performing Software Engineering Teams, here. Delivering software on time is a priority for companies all over the UK.

    By Godel Technologies

    23 March

  • 3 Psychological Limiters For High Performing Engineering Teams

    Diana and Constantine Grishel are Agile Delivery Co-ordinators here at Godel. They are both certified SCRUM experts and have years of management experience, which has equipped them with a perspective on software engineering teams from a psychological perspective. In their respective careers they have experienced many circumstances of how psychological wellbeing impacts software engineering teams. […]

    By by Diana Grishel and Constantine Grishel

    16 March

  • The Future of Mobile

    Siarhei, in January 2020 you shared your thoughts about what was to come in the mobile technology space throughout the year ahead. How do you feel about this now, looking back on last year’s actual timeline? I think any prediction made early last year has to be taken with a pinch of salt – nobody […]

    By Siarhei Adamenia, Head of Mobile

    17 February

  • Why Data Engineering is “a marathon, and not a sprint”.

    It isn’t easy to summarise the complex and rewarding job of a Data Engineer and the way they affect so many lives, so we spoke with Valiantsin Shkvarko, Lead Software Engineer at Godel, who provides an insight into his role, and explains why he loves it so much…

    By Valentin Shvarko, Lead Software Engineer, Godel Technologies.

    29 January

  • Tech Excellence: Building A Microservices Product in 6 Months

    Building a software product from scratch takes a lot of technical and business knowledge from everybody with a stake in the product’s success. It’s a considerable challenge when the product is internal – but when it needs to be a high-usage platform which must also be integrated with various third-party systems, the complexity becomes formidable. […]

    By Dzmitry Viaroukin and Jorge Garcia de Bustos

    18 January

  • AWS Optimisation

    Recently we wrote an article about some of the best and simplest ways to reduce cloud spending – you can read it here. Our software engineering teams that work on cloud-based architectures strive to apply measures that cut spending without damaging performance. One case was particularly effective – a Godel data engineering team has applied […]

    By Andrey Anshin, Lead Software Engineer and Siarhei Oshyn, Head of Data

    6 January

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