• The Increased Popularity of Serverless Frameworks

    Imagine a world where we have computers, and people made computer services that just hosted computing or holistic software. You can put a site or install a database. All computers have a processor such as a CPU, GPU and people just used it as a computer machine. But what if there was a potential benefit […]

    By Heorhi Miasnikou, Senior Software Engineer (Javascript)

    26 July

  • Being Agile About Agile: Introducing Godel’s First Agile Delivery Division Manager

    The Godel Agile Delivery Division continues to provide Agile Development to help teams deliver value for partners across numerous industries. A key milestone in the division was introducing its first division manager, Darya Voitava-Sialitskaya. Having been with Godel for over 8 years fulfilling different roles, Darya will use her valuable experience to take on an […]

    By Darya Voitava-Sialitskaya, Agile Delivery Division Manager

    22 July

  • Does Appium Stand the Test of Time?

    An increased surge in the use of smart devices has meant that each day, more and more mobile apps are being introduced to the market. They increasingly offer a number of benefits to the user and the flood gates are open, with over 3,700 apps being added to the Google Play Store every day. But […]

    By Andrei Muliarchyk, Lead SDET

    19 July

  • What Is Web Accessibility and Why Is It important?

    Global Accessibility Awareness Day was celebrated in May to highlight why being inclusive is important for the 1 billion people who live with disabilities or impairments, focusing on digital access and inclusion. We sat down with Sr. User Experience Designer Alena Borykova to discuss why the topic of web accessibility is important for businesses (and why it will no longer […]

    By Alena Borykava, Senior User Experience Designer

    30 May

  • My vision to scale .NET at Godel

    Godel’s .NET division was founded in 2006 and is the largest division with over 400 engineers across all locations. The division has 35 ongoing clients with over 50 engagements where the team continue to provide value to our clients. A plan to scale and develop the division saw Andrei Salanoi promoted to Godel’s new Head of […]

    By Andrei Salanoi, Head of .NET

    13 April

  • Keeping your finger on the pulse in JavaScript

    The JavaScript division was formed in 2018 and has quickly scaled to become the 4th largest division in Godel. JS in Godel is not only about code, but the division is also formed of brilliant teams that come together with their mutual energy for new ideas. Artur Basak is a Lead Software Engineer with extensive […]

    By Artur Basak, Lead Software Engineer and Division Manager (JavaScript)

    6 April

  • The Perfect Production Environment

    The production environment is where the latest versions of software, products or updates are pushed live to the intended users – almost the final stage of production. This is the part of the environment where the end-user can see, experience and try out the new product.

    By Dzmitry Viaroukin, Principal Software Engineer & Jorge Garcia de Bustos, Technical Presales Consultant

    31 March

  • 5 Data Trends in 2022

    The past few years have seen increased digitisation across multiple industries as more and more businesses shift from traditional techniques for example on-premise systems to modern data analytics tools. We have already seen data continue to be the driving force in 2022, something that has continued since the pandemic. We have identified 5 trends that […]

    By Raman Damayeu Senior Software Engineer (Data)

    17 March

  • Achieving Improvements in Data Governance

    Data governance (DG) is the process of managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of the data in enterprise systems, based on internal data standards and policies that also control data usage. Effective data governance ensures that data is consistent and trustworthy and doesn’t get misused.

    By Raman Damayeu, Senior Software Engineer (Data)

    14 March

  • Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls: The Benefits of Advancing to Agile

    Agile is known as a software development methodology, but it does a lot more for a business. It all began in the spring of 2000, when a group of 17 software developers were eager to speed up development times in order to bring new software to market faster. It has since transformed the way software […]

    By Nadzeya Smirnova, Senior Agile Delivery Coordinator

    23 February

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