• How To Release Software Several Times A Day.

    Our world can flip upside down in the blink of an eye – we’ve seen this time and again, with recent events being an especially harsh example.

    By Dzmitry Viaroukin, Principal Software Engineer, and Jorge Garcia de Bustos, Head of Technical Presales

    22 May

  • The Two Waves Toward Cutting Costs In The Cloud: Part One.

    Drawing an overall cost-comparison between cloud computing and on-premise datacentres requires looking at many factors to find a black-and-white conclusion.

    By Godel Technologies DevOps Division

    7 May

  • (Whitepaper) Building Market-Leading Mobile Apps.

    You can read the whitepaper, “Building Market Leading Mobile Apps”, here. Mobile application development is a challenging feat – especially when delivering a product from scratch. There are dozens of approaches to development,

    By Siarhei Adamenia, Head of Mobile

    5 May

  • Five Advantages Of Mobbing And Swarming.

    What can software engineers learn from bugs? For software engineers, context-switching between tasks we’re concentrating on to help colleagues with their own obligations

    By Alexander Nozdryn-Platniski, Principal Software Engineer.

    1 May

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