• The Differences Between DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering

    To draw a line between DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering does not make much sense, because one derives its purpose from the other. Each process evolved independently as a means to similar ends: ways to provision highly reliable systems.

    By Godel Technologies DevOps Division

    30 July

  • How does Godel take ownership of products?

    Firstly, it’s important to understand that product ownership is not an abstract concept. It is a clearly defined set of actions, which Godel software development teams apply to client engagements. Product ownership goes beyond the role of the Product Owner

    By Anastasiya Kuzniatsova, VP Product, and Diana Grishel, Sr Agile Delivery Co-ordinator

    23 July

  • Raising Security Awareness: Godel’s Approach

    Last week, social media giant Twitter was targeted by a successful hack, which compromised the security of many high-profile accounts for scamming purposes. This is an extremely concerning example of an issue that often affects larger organisations when they least expect it: cybersecurity. For companies with Twitter’s level of influence, or others that provide crucial […]

    By Siarhei Harbachou, Senior Agile Delivery Co-ordinator and Jorge Garcia de Bustos, Technical Presales Consultant

    20 July

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