• Getting ready to release a software product.

    For product development teams, there are a set of useful tips which can be treated as a checklist to follow, which will help to release a product successfully and effortlessly. Preparation is key in doing so; being ready for mishaps, and having means of communication in place which will help ensure transparency throughout the release […]

    By Iryna Shuppo, Sr. Agile Delivery Coordinator & Tatsiana Lisouskaya, Lead QA Engineer

    30 November

  • The Cost of a System Architecture Mistake

    When it comes to system architecture, one of the first considerations teams will face are the system requirements. They can be split into two categories. Functional requirements are those surrounding customer needs – for example, what areas of the system does this user group need access to? Then non-functional requirements are focused on the system. […]

    By Artsiom Ladzik, Lead Software Engineer (.NET)

    20 November

  • 7 Ways to Secure Data in Data Warehouses

    A data warehouse is a centralised repository which consolidates data from all manner of places into a useful format that can be analysed and reported on. It’s a critical part of the decision-making process for many organisations: anything from customer insights to demand forecasting can be achieved at an advanced level through the power of […]

    By Siarhei Oshyn, Lead Software Engineer (Data)

    18 November


    Krystsina Sauhen has been with Godel Technologies for over 5 years, as part of the quality assurance team. She recently a transferred from manual testing to automation testing, and now officially represents Godel’s QA division, as a Junior Specialist for their SDET stream. This required Krystsina to change her ways of working; her thought processes […]

    By Krystsina Sauhen, Junior SDET, Godel Technologies.

    17 November


    September saw Godel’s DevOps division host a discussion on the topic of devops/platform engineering certifications; what they are, and the value which achieving them adds for platform engineers. This article explores this topic, together with their Head of DevOps Sergey Sverchkov.

    By Sergey Sverchkov, Head of DevOps, Godel Technologies

    6 November

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