• Godel JavaScript Engineers Build Open Source Coding Game

    Godel’s software engineering divisions has been running technology education meetups for a long time, sharing experiences and lessons that everyone can learn from. One of these events in particular led to an impressive result, delivered by Godel software engineers Angelina Panteley and Lada Hardziyenkava.

    By Angelina Panteley and Lada Hardziyenkava, Full Stack Software Engineers

    4 December

  • System Thinking

    In order to understand what system thinking is, and how it can help development teams, we must first understand systems themselves: what they are, the problems they can have, and how different team members might interact with them. The ‘system thinking perspective’, explains that because of their different points of view, each stakeholder involved in […]

    By Dzmitry Trafimau, Lead Software Engineer

    2 December

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