• 2022 Java Predictions

    Reflections and predictions on how Java will evolve in 2022, by Ihar Novik, Senior Software Engineer at Godel Technologies. What are the biggest trends in Java you have seen over the past year? No doubt it is dynamic of Java development as well as from side of language as from infrastructure side. JDK most valuable […]

    By Ihar Novik, Senior Software Engineer (Java)

    5 January

  • ISTQB Certificate: To Deliver or Not to Deliver?

    In 2002, representatives of Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK were puzzled by the development of the testing sector and created a non-profit organisation ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board).

    By Aliaksei Kanaplitski and Dziyana Valenta, Senior QA Engineers, Mikhail Kaushovik and Nastassia Liakh, QA Engineers

    2 December

  • The Road to Go

    Golang, also known as Go, is an open-source programming language. It was created by Google to provide faster apps, increased productivity, and high code efficiency. It is viewed as easy to learn and get started with. Golang user cases: Cloud and Network services – It’s now easier than ever to build services with Go Command-line […]

    By Yury Rashetska, Senior Software Engineer (Java)

    19 November

  • How can mobile apps help optimise your business?

    Mobile phones have become a significant part of our lives and we couldn’t imagine ourselves without them. On average people spend at least two hours a day using their phones, but in some cases more and it’s predicted there will be over 65 million monthly internet users in the UK by 2026. Almost every business […]

    By Hanna Paliakova, Senior Software Engineer (Mobile)

    16 November

  • Data Transformation: What’s the new technical landscape?

    Data transformation is the process of converting data into an alternative format or model. Doing so can bring many benefits including scalability, cost savings and speed of delivery to your business. Godel’s Head of Data, Siarhei Oshyn explains the new digital landscape and his vision for the new architecture.

    By Siarhei Oshyn, Head of Data

    14 October

  • The Concept of AWS Landing Zone

    Sergey Suhinin is a DevOps Engineer at Godel. He recently ran a webinar about AWS Landing Zone for the B.E.E.R forum, dedicated to System Engineer’s Day. He discussed the concept of AWS Landing Zone and how users can quickly and securely deploy an AWS multi-account environment.

    By Sergey Suhinin, DevOps Engineer

    1 September

  • From Software Engineer to UX Designer

    Alena Borykava previously worked as .NET Software Engineer at Godel. She recently took the opportunity to try something new and became Godel’s first full-time UX Designer. We sat down with Alena to discuss her new opportunity, how not to be afraid of challenges and her aspirations to become a designer on a large project.

    By Alena Borykava, User Experience Designer

    13 August

  • All Rise for the Self-Service World.

    Self-service portals are an essential part of our everyday lives, a service that can save time and money and free up service employees to take on more complicated issues. Customers are more likely to discover additional content related to the inquiry, or even navigate towards other products or services. Recently, there has been a rise […]

    By Jorge Garcia de Bustos, Technical Presales Consultant

    15 July

  • How To Look at The Product Roadmap from An Engineering Team’s Viewpoint.

    Elena Polubochko is Chief Technology Officer at Godel. In a recent virtual client event, she ran a webinar on how to look at a product roadmap from an engineering team’s viewpoint, the challenges it presents and how the “discovery phase” can help overcome these challenges.

    By Elena Polubochko, Chief Technology Officer

    12 July

  • Scaling Python at Godel

    Yury Stsiapanau is Head of Python at Godel. He is responsible for the future success of the Python division and oversees bringing in new people to the team. Last year, we spoke to Yury when he was appointed Head of Python at Godel. We recently sat down with him to discuss what is making Python […]

    By Yury Stsiapanau, Head of Python

    6 July

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