• The Two Waves Toward Cutting Costs In The Cloud: Part One.

    Drawing an overall cost-comparison between cloud computing and on-premise datacentres requires looking at many factors to find a black-and-white conclusion.

    By Godel Technologies DevOps Division

    7 May

  • (Whitepaper) Building Market-Leading Mobile Apps.

    You can read the whitepaper, “Building Market Leading Mobile Apps”, here. Mobile application development is a challenging feat – especially when delivering a product from scratch. There are dozens of approaches to development,

    By Siarhei Adamenia, Head of Mobile

    5 May

  • Five Advantages Of Mobbing And Swarming.

    What can software engineers learn from bugs? For software engineers, context-switching between tasks we’re concentrating on to help colleagues with their own obligations

    By Alexander Nozdryn-Platniski, Principal Software Engineer.

    1 May

  • The Secret Code To Successful Data Anonymisation.

    One of the most important components of a user-facing application is the data that it’s fed. In any context where personally identifiable information or other sensitive assets are handled,

    By Dzmitry Viaroukin, Principal Software Engineer, and Jorge Garcia de Bustos, Head of Technical Presales

    30 April

  • Knowledge Is Power: The Potential Of Business Intelligence And Data Engineering.

    Fast and intelligent decision-making is inhibited when there isn’t a consolidated view of key business information. 

    By Siarhei Oshyn, Lead Software Engineer (Data)

    30 April

  • The Bedrock of PHP: Q&A With Viktar Barysevich.

    According to this month’s  bi-annual survey of programming language popularity conducted by IT consultancy Redmonk, PHP is still ranked as the fourth programming language in popularity behind JavaScript, Python and Java.

    By Viktar Barysevich, Head of PHP

    27 April

  • (PDF) Artificial Intelligence In Quality Assurance: Widely Adopted Or Future-Gazing?

    You can read the PDF, “Artificial Intelligence In Quality Assurance: Widely Adopted Or Future-Gazing?”, here. Recent history shows a trend in quality assurance toward more efficient processes – from the rise of continuous test cycles to support agile software development,

    By Alina Halubinskaya, Senior QA Engineer

    9 March

  • Reengineering Adobe Flash To HTML5: Top Tips.

    December 31, 2020, will mark a watershed moment in technology – the point at which Adobe ends support of Flash Player and it is removed by all browsers.

    By Godel Technologies

    3 March

  • (Whitepaper) The Product Mindset Philosophy.

    You can read the whitepaper, “The Product Mindset Philosophy”, here. Software engineering culture is so much more than simply writing good code. Ultimately software must deliver on the company’s goals and drive revenues

    By Anastasiya Kuzniatsova, VP Product, and Diana Grishel, Sr Agile Delivery Co-ordinator

    2 March

  • 2020 Mobile Predictions.

    Reflections and predictions on mobile technology’s past, present and future by Siarhei Adamenia, Head of Mobile at Godel Technologies.

    By Siarhei Adamenia, Head of Mobile

    9 January

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