• The Top 5 Tools of The Remote Software Development Team.

    How can remote software development teams operate as though they are based in one office when they are often located in different countries?

    By Godel Technologies

    9 October

  • (Whitepaper) Avoiding Grey Clouds: Open Source Microservices.

    You can read the whitepaper, “Avoiding Grey Clouds: Open Source Microservices.”, here. Would you like to know more about how open source microservices development is helping public cloud platform vendors differentiate their offerings?

    By Godel Technologies

    28 September

  • Delivering Software Quickly Without Sacrificing Quality – Test Automation.

    Elena Polubochko, CTO of Godel explains how test automation ensures speed of software development without dispensing quality.

    By Elena Polubochko, Chief Technology Officer

    15 March

  • Spring Framework 5: The Swiss Knife For Microservices.

    Spring Framework 5 is a major release of Pivotal’s framework and along with Spring Boot, Spring Data and Spring Cloud, it’s proving to be the Swiss Knife for delivering microservices.

    By Aliaksandr Karymau, VP Engineering Java

    30 January

  • DevOps In The Cloud: Demystified.

    We asked Godel’s Head of DevOps, Sergey Sverchkov, how DevOps in the cloud can help businesses evolve. Here’s his take on the steps organisations can take

    By Sergey Sverchkov, Head of DevOps

    5 December

  • Elena Prilutskaya Talks About a Context-Driven Approach to Software Testing.

    Long-standing Godel quality assurance engineer Elena Prilutskaya recently presented a seminar on the subject of context-driven software testing at Leeds Tester Gathering.

    By Elena Prilutskaya, Senior QA Engineer

    4 December

  • Does The Growth Of Kotlin Signal A Decline In Java?

    According to recent figures by Oracle, there are 12 million developers running Java, 38 billion active Java Virtual Machines and 21 billion cloud-connected VMs

    By Aliaksandr Karymau, VP Engineering Java

    11 November

  • .NET to .NET Core 2.0: What Does It Mean For Developers?

    Q&A all about the shift from .NET Core to .NET Core 2.0 with Godel software architect, Andrei Salanoi. 

    By Andrei Salanoi, .NET Divisional Manager

    11 November

  • Guest Blog: Is The Spotify Model The Holy Grail of Software Engineering?

    Spotify has long been regarded as a shining example of an organisation that is wholly dedicated to the culture of software development.

    By Kevin Goldsmith, former Spotify VP Engineering

    5 May

  • How Continuous Integration Delivers Scale and Faster Change.

    Elena Polubochko, CTO of Godel Technologies explains how continuous integration and continuous delivery is the cornerstone of DevOps.

    By Elena Polubochko, Chief Technology Officer

    15 February

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